Join us!

Step 1 - Your name

Hi there!

Lets start with a really easy question, what should we call you?

Step 2 - Your role

Nice to meet you, thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us.

In which role are you most in your element? Developer/Product Owner/Scrum Master

What do you like most about that role?

Step 3 - Change Agent

In whatever role you are active, what is important is how you contribute to the organisational change.

Give an example of how you have used your role to help an organisation change.

Step 4 - What draws you

What draws you to SF Professionals?

Step 5 - A Successful collaboration

How would a successful partnership between us look like to you?

Step 6 - Yor motto

what is your motto - This is your chance to wow us. Don't be shy.

Step 7 - Contact

..and this was the end of the examination. Not too bad, right?

OK, just one last question. How can we best reach you?

Please fill out your preferred mobile number or e-mail address here. Or both!