Our Mission

Our Mission

Scrum Professionals prioritises the human aspect to get the best out of people and to serve as an inspiration for everyone.

We lead change in organisations as Scrum Professionals. With trust as a foundation, and autonomy, mastery and purpose as our guide in the organisations we serve as well as in our own organisation.

Our Principles

Based on our mission we have established the following principles:

  • Leading by example
  • Leading change
  • Experts in Professional Scrum
  • Simplify for effectiveness

Meet the Team

Ashvini Bisesser
Karelia Martinez
Lucas Pluimgraaff
Bas Klinkhamer
Theo Kropman
Erik de Bos
Margo Dickhout
Tjiwa Huang
Helle Vefald
Jasper Alblas
Ziryan Salayi
Che Hong Hsia

It is all about Relationships

It is all about Relationships

For us, Scrum Professionals is all about relationships. Whether you are considering joining our community or interested in employment opportunities, for us it all starts with getting to know each other personally, to figure out if you fit with our culture and way of doing things.

To give you an idea about the kind of people we are looking for, we have prepared the following poster:

Where organisations are usually focused on determining whether you have hard skills or concrete experience to offer, we much prefer instead to focus on your attitude and who you are. After all, everyone has value!

Our goal is to create a win-win situation, one in which we can help you find the best way to wield that value, while at the same time accelerating our own vision.

If you are interested, click the button below, fill in the form and we will get in touch with you.

Scrum Facilitators

Scrum Professionals is part of Scrum Facilitators.

Scrum Facilitators specialise in online and in-person trainings for all things Agile. Check their website for their upcoming trainings!

For Scrum Professionals, our collaboration with Scrum Facilitators doesn't only mean that we have easy access to all their courses, but, more importantly, that we have an international team of very experienced Professional Scrum Trainers to support us in our assignments.